Social Business

Uhuru is different. We are working to create a sustainable development model through social businesses. Our businesses provide employment for impoverished adults and then invest profits into building and managing secondary schools, giving children in need access to quality education. Our goal is to create a sustainable development model that meets both physical needs and opens the door for Christian discipleship for adults and youth.



Opportunities to Invest

Pig Farming Startup :

Pig Farming Startup

We have the opportunity to become contract farmers with Farmer's Choice, Kenya's largest pork distributor, and endeavor to sell 25 mature pigs every week. This will greatly increase revenue, allow us to scholarship more students at Uhuru Girls and will create employment for two Kenyans. This investment will allow us to construct troughs and pens, purchase feeds and pigs.

New Harvesting Truck :

New Harvesting Truck

In 2011, Uhuru Shamba had one 8 x 15 meter tomato greenhouse. Now we have six greenhouses and three acres of drip irrigated land growing lettuce, tomatoes and onions. As we expand our farm, our capacity to distribute our produce must expand as well. We have outgrown our current truck and need a larger pick-up truck for our daily produce harvesting and sales.

2 Greenhouses :

2 Greenhouses

Building two more greenhouses will allow Uhuru to expand our capacity to farm specialty crops like tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and colored bell peppers. Selling this produce will increase Uhuru Shamba revenue allowing us to help more children attend Uhuru Academy and will create one new full time job in Kenya.

Uhuru Threads :

Uhuru Threads

Uhuru Threads sells handmade Kenyan goods in American markets with the dual purposes of providing employment and generating revenue to support Uhuru Academy. Currently in its inaugural stages, Uhuru Threads works with a local seamstress and tailor who work on a commission basis to craft Threads products. Your $5,000 investment would provide the start-up funds needed to create a functional workshop, purchase 2-3 sewing machines, and hire and train 2-3 full-time tailors and seamstresses.

One Acre Drip Irrigation Kit. :

One Acre Drip Irrigation Kit.

A one acre drip irrigation kit will expand our capacity to farm at Uhuru Shamba. More irrigated land allows us to diversify our crops and we plan to plant onions, watermelon, squash and other vegetables on this new acre. This increase in Uhuru Shamba revenue will also allow us to help more children attend Uhuru Academy and will create one new full time job in Kenya.