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Careers | United States


All staff position salaries are self fundraised. We train you in this process.


Locations stateside are located in Durham, NC. 


Schools Helping Schools Director 
As a Schools Helping Schools Director, you will work alongside our development team to implement and maintain our Schools Helping Schools (SHS) program. SHS is designed to partner schools in the U.S. with Uhuru Child schools in Kenya to raise funds and awareness for educational programs. Combine your passion for education and social justice with marketing and business skills to teach lessons on global poverty and plan a fundraiser that will benefit both schools in the U.S. and in Kenya. This position would be excellent for someone hoping to continue working in the education field in an influential, unique way.



Trip Coordinator/Executive Assistant

As the Trip Coordinator/Executive Assistant, you will organize and coordinate all trip logistics for our various trips to Kenya.  You will also provide administrative and secretarial support to the CEO.


Careers | Kenya


All staff position salaries are self fundraised. We train you in this process.


Director of Education

This position acts as big picture leadership for the school focusing on creating positive school culture, motivating staff, setting high academic expectations and planning for school expansion and upkeep. Additionally, this position conducts professional development of teaching staff as a part of expansion/school culture vision. Finally, this person acts as logistical support for the principal as well as teaching part-time.



Guidance Counselor

This position is for someone with a degree in counseling, preferably a Masters in psychology with an emphasis on young people. A number of our students suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or anxiety and stress from some of the challenges they faced during post-election violence. The guidance counselor will meet with interested students one-on-one for weekly/biweekly counseling, lead group counseling sessions for all students every other week on topics such as managing stress, communication and supporting each other, and train teachers on how to better support students in the classroom.



Special Education Teacher

This position is for someone with a degree in special education for high school students. While we are not a special needs school, we do have students with learning or reading disabilities. The special Ed teacher will work one-on-one with these students to develop IEPs and develop strategies to compensate for or overcome their disability. Additionally, the special Ed teacher will work with teachers to train them on how to support our special learners in the classroom and create activities that allow all students to shine.



Technology in the Class/IT Teacher

The IT teacher will work primarily with teachers to help them integrate technology in the classroom. At our school, we have wireless Internet, computers and some projectors. Because this is relatively new technology in Kenya, the teachers need support to learn how to use technology in their lessons. This position includes weekly trainings and demonstrations as well as some team teaching.


Marketing/Public Relations Director

This is an exciting position for someone with experience with grassroots marketing. As our school is building a name for itself, we need someone to go to churches, businesses and news outlets to promote the school and recruit new students. Some design experience would be necessary and background in Swahili would be beneficial. This person will need to be comfortable with public speaking and highly self-motivated. This person will also need to develop/update existing marketing materials such as posters, pamphlets and brochures.



Social Enterprise Manager

As Social Enterprise Manager, you will work with our business development and management team in Kenya to create and manage employment opportunities for those living in extreme poverty. Harnessing your creative genius in the field of entrepreneurship and free enterprise, you’ll help alleviate poverty by implementing new businesses, overseeing employees and supervising all business transactions.



Assistant Discipleship Coordinator
As an Assistant Discipleship Coordinator, you will work in both Uhuru Child secondary schools and resettlement villages to share the Gospel with adults and teenagers living in extreme poverty. You will employ our Training for Trainers model (T4T) to equip adults and children to become leaders in their own community through bible studies, activities and one-on-one relationships.



Internships | United States

We offer semester-long internships designed to use your specific gifts to benefit our organization’s current needs. We are willing to offer an internship position based upon a talent or skill an applicant may have (i.e. graphic design, website design, grant research) if it will help us meet a current need. Therefore, internships with Uhuru will vary based on the individual and our needs at the time. We will happily approve hours so students can receive class credit.



Campus Outreach

Start an Uhuru Child club on your college campus and/or other college campuses where Uhuru does not yet exist.



Development Research

Research and implement funding opportunities through grants, business partnerships, film festivals etc.



Graphic Design

Work with our visionary staff to keep our brand innovative and consistent through brainstorming, designing and creating print and digital marketing materials.



Social Media

Harness your mad skills on social media to help Uhuru raise awareness for our mission and increase followers on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


Internships | Kenya

We offer summer-long internships in Kenya. We will happily approve hours so students can receive class credit.



Education Development Assistant
Education Development Assistant will help create resources such as projects, posters and teaching aids for various subjects. Intern will also work with Director of Education in planning and coordinating extra curricular activities at the school such as sports, field trips and craft days. Additionally, will help to organize and supervise volunteer activities at the school.



Discipleship Intern
The Discipleship intern has the opportunity to work with teenage Kenyan girls; sharing the gospel and training them to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This takes the form of helping to plan and execute after-school clubs. There are opportunities to lead/teach Bible Study and GLOW Clubs (“Girls Leading Our World”) at Uhuru Academy and 4-5 local schools. In addition, the intern will help with Uhuru Academy Chapel and one-on-one meetings with Uhuru students to build relationships.
Looking for someone with experience working with/leading high school girls. Bonus for any special needs experience/education (one of our GLOW Clubs is at a trade school for women with special needs). Cheerful flexibility is a must in all regards with planning, scheduling, travel, and day to day schedule.



Social Enterprise Intern
Social Enterprise Intern assists in selling produce to current customers and accompanies Social Enterprise Director to meetings/cold calls for potential customers. Intern will also work at the lettuce farm and chicken house with Kenyan employees and learn how to conduct a Multi-Poverty Index survey of social business employees. Research and find 10 grants related to business expansion and write one grant for expansion.


To apply for any of the above positions, email info@uchild.com and specify the position(s) you are interested in.