Uhuru works to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty. Through our Christian discipleship programs Uhuru is daily working to live out Isaiah 61:1-3 as we proclaim the gospel and teach others to do the same. We are continuing to see students and adults become believers and leaders for Christ through bible studies, chapels, GLOW clubs, training groups, and much more.


School Discipleship Groups :

School Discipleship Groups

Uhuru leads Christian discipleship programs at our boarding school, Uhuru Academy, and portions of the program at two other partner schools. At Uhuru Academy students meet for a variety of clubs: bible studies, life skills club, chapel and discussion groups. Our bible study looks at understanding God’s word and how to apply it to everyday situations. During the Life Skills Club, topics range from leadership skills to HIV/AIDS education. Uhuru’s chapel is a weekly meeting where the students lead worship and hear a Gospel centered message. The Discussion Group provides a forum where girls can freely ask questions and work towards solving problems in their own lives. The goal of our discipleship program is to give students the tools needed to understand the Gospel clearly, become well rounded leaders in their communities, and confidence to share their faith with others.

Leader Development :

Leader Development

Uhuru is often given the opportunity to share the Gospel with Kenyan students, youth groups, church plants, village bible studies, local events, and college ministries. Using these platforms we aim to challenge those we meet to become discipleship leaders and work with them to further the great commission by creating disciples in their communities of influence.

Business Discipleship Groups :

Business Discipleship Groups

Our Uhuru Child businesses offer more than employment for the poor. They also offer our Kenyan staff regular bible studies where they get to ask difficult questions, spend time in the Word, and walk beside our staff in their journey to learn about a God who loves them in the midst of their trials.

Training for Trainers (T4T) :

Training for Trainers (T4T)

T4T aims to train believers who can train others in a very simple yet effective method of evangelism and discipleship. Uhuru’s goal for the trainings are to establish rapidly reproducing groups of disciples and churches across Kenya. We have been blessed to learn from the experience of the International Mission Board how to use the T4T model as we apply it in the Kenyan context.