At Uhuru Child we endeavor to break the cycle of poverty by addressing the causes not simply alleviating the symptoms. Research shows that education is essential to this process. Children who go to school are healthier, more confident, and more likely to become employed. Kenya does not have free secondary education. Only 50% of students who finish primary school go on to graduate high school. We seek to fill this gap by providing quality education to bright students from marginalized communities to equip students with the skills to permanently alter their life trajectory.



Uhuru Academy :

Uhuru Academy

Uhuru Academy, located in Limuru, Kenya, provides an outstanding boarding school education to girls from vulnerable backgrounds. In spite of challenges such as poverty, malnutrition, abuse and poorly resourced primary schools, these students have made education a priority, and we, in turn, provide access to quality, individualized education emphasizing critical thinking with an aim to break the cycle of poverty.

Holistic Education :

Holistic Education

Our quality education couples rigorous academics with wide range of activities to boarded students' perspectives. Uhuru Academy students Skype with American students, compete in sports, learn to be creative and attentive to the world around them through art education, visit places like the National Museums and Meteorological Centers on field trips, and even learn how to navigate life's challenges in GLOW Club.

Professional Development :

Professional Development

We know that the key to academic success is a great teacher. At Uhuru Academy, we equip and empower teachers through weekly teacher trainings. These trainings develop creative, learner-centered activities and projects to help students apply their knowledge. Uhuru Academy is also committed to investing in the next generation of teachers by hosting and mentoring student teachers and holding professional development days for educators from other schools.

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