We are catalysts. We are the heart connected. We are college students, businessmen, churches, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, musicians and humanitarians. We are ordinary people with an extraordinary passion to use our time, finances, unique abilities and gifts as we work for change in the lives of people in need. Join the movement. Get off the bench.


Our Schools Helping Schools program is an unique one and a half week program designed to partner schools in the United States with schools in the developing world.


Join our team. Use your time, financial resources and ideas help Uhuru eradicate poverty in Kenya.


Let Uhuru Child partner with your local church to propel forward your global mission strategy. Our strategic programs are designed to mobilize your congregation to share the Gospel in the developing world through business, education, and discipleship.


The Uhuru Child movement is largely fueled by college students raising awareness and funds on their campus. College students join us in the fight to liberate people in the developing world from the bondage of extreme poverty.