Partnerships with adults and business are crucial to Uhuru Child's success. Uhuru welcomes your involvement and passion to help us break the chains of poverty in the developing world.

Join Our Committee

Members of an Uhuru Child committee are adults who are committed to sharing Uhuru’s mission with their local community through marketing, event planning, fundraising and building teams to travel to Kenya. Start a committee in your area or join an existing one.


Interested in joining a committee? Email for more information.

Host an Event

Help us raise awareness in your community. Host a cocktail party, gala or benefit to share the mission of Uhuru with your co-workers, family and friends.


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Financial gifts are essential to fueling and maintaining our sustainable model. Funds that are invested now are poured into creating and maintaining community-managed businesses which create profits that allow Uhuru to expand its education initiatives thus decreasing dependency on outside funds. Instead of donations meeting a one-time need or being used to completely fund existing programs, these donations are invested into profit-generating social businesses that will remain year after year.


To donate, click here.

Come to Kenya

We invite you to come be a part of the work Uhuru is doing in Kenya. Propel our mission to end poverty by stepping into poor communities and building deep relationships with local Kenyans. Live life alongside them as you spend time in their mud homes or work with them in their gardens. Help Uhuru with physical labor projects for the businesses and schools and take a safari in the Kenya wilderness.


Learn more here.

Careers & Internships

Consider investing your life into a career that works to bring freedom to men, women and children caught in the vicious cycle of poverty around the world. Uhuru Child employs people for U.S. and Kenya field staff.


To find out more, go to our career and internships page.