Uhuru Child will partner with your church to propel your global mission strategy forward. Our strategic programs are designed to mobilize your congregation to share the Gospel in the developing world through business, education and discipleship.

Come to Kenya

Send teams or individuals from your local church to join the work Uhuru Child is doing in Kenya. Help share the love of Christ as you step into impoverished communities and build deep relationships with local Kenyans. Live life alongside them as you spend time in their mud homes, work with them in their gardens, help Uhuru on physical labor projects for the businesses and schools, and then go on safari. For more information, please click here.

Freedom Investments

Freedom investments are $25,000 gifts to Uhuru Child. These investments allow Uhuru to step into communities struggling to live on less than one dollar a day and make disciples of Christ as we create revenue-generating social businesses, give employment, and then pour business profits into building and supporting secondary schools. Uhuru Child then disciples the business employees and students in the Gospel, teaching them how to start gospel replicating small groups in their communities. For more information, please click here.


How Can Your Church Move Forward?

Email brad@uchild.com to set up a phone or skype meeting to discuss how a partnership with Uhuru Child might benefit your church.